About Mixed Vintage

Sydnie is the owner and curator of this fun collection of vintage clothes and accessories you see before you. Established in 2018 after a few friendly nudges and tugs of the ‘ol heart strings, she transformed a love for treasure hunting into an round-the-clock passion project. The mission? Selling clothes that continue to tell a story. 

Here, you’ll find finely made and well kept items, just as you will things with holes, rips, and cool stains - she likes her vintage clothes with LOTS of character!

Through her creative ventures as the owner of Mixed Vintage, curating eclectic vintage clothing for modern styles, she hopes to share unique fashion history, and connect with others in the sustainable fashion tribe.

This femme spends her after hours playing around Dallas doing things like  styling outfits, staying fit, estate "sailing" (going from one sale to the next), and listening to her closest friends play soulful sounds around town. 

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